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Sound bots

Enhance your voice channel experience with one of many sound bots!


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Fart is simply the most useful bot in existence. It only exists for one reason and that is to annoy you guild members with wet farts randomly being played in their voice channels. Want to show to your friends that you just got farted on? Do not worry you can assign a role to the members that have smelled the Fart.



Want to annoy your server members with something unique? Well Burp can do exactly that! With its only skill being able to burp he has mastered it and can show it at any time he want.



In need of an occasional moan in one of your voicechannels? Well your search is over as you have found moan. The discord bot that will randomly join and let out one of many moans to then leave again.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this something I really need in my server?


But deep down we both known that it would be an hilarious addition to you server.

Are there multiple sounds per bot?

Yes, each bot has mulitple sounds. More are added from time to time.

If you have a suggestion feel free to join the support server and drop them in #suggestions

"No player found" error, what do I do?

It could be that something went wrong when adding your server. Try running /reset, this should attempt to recreate a player for your server.

If that doesn’t work contact me in the support server so that I can have a look at what exactly went wrong.